Saturday, 20 March 2010

Winner or Loser

(taken from Flash Magz)

Oh! My God, I got C for math, it will ruin my life. I've got red ink in my school report book. I will not have a bright future in my life!!

Those pity words that maybe spoken from our heart if we get bad mark for our subjects or if we fail in those subjects. We think that we are loser just because we fail in math or biology. We think that we are loser just because we get C for English or get red ink in our report book. Come on guys! Failing some exams doesn't equal to failing in life.

Do you know Nelson Mandela, he waited 27 years to be president, he was beaten, kidnapped, and imprisoned but now he not only becomes president, but also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you know Alexander Graham Bell? He had failed many times before finally he invented telephone. Or do you know Prophet Muhammad? Before he conquered Mecca, he had failed many times. He conveyed Allah's rule for thirteen years, but he got only a few followers. Maybe you think that he was a loser or he failed in his duty. But a real winner never thinks that he or she has failed. And so, Prophet Muhammad PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him), he didn't think that he had failed, he took a lesson from his postponed victory.

Sometimes we need to fail, but many of us don't understand why sometimes we have to fail. If we see far into our past, we may understand why we sometimes win and sometimes fail. Our failure will give us strength to gain our success. A failure will show us the wrong path, so it will lead us to find the right path. So, don't be afraid of failure, just get benefit from your failure and reach your victory. Don't ever forget that Allah will watch us from above, and your failure maybe is an examination from Him. Pray and do better thing are the best things to do!


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